A brief  introduction on how my long journey with photography 
started and what it represents for me!

I’ve received my first camera on a film when I was 12 or 13 years old, not a famous camera made by a recognised brand or anything, but for me it was a camera and my camera, so I was really happy that I've got it. Some of the photos were developed and printed out but some just remained on the films, and most of them have already been lost…What I’ve liked at that time was that I could build my own world through the camera, that behind my camera my shyness will go away and I could simply watch everything through it without fears. 
Over the time I’ve upgraded my cameras, I’ve refined my views, and now I just want to keep the same old goal of building my own world. But now I’ve got the courage to share my photography, my photography world with the entire world.
My work is about “showing and expressing a drop of sensibility” in everything that surrounds us. 
From nature photos in which I try to find that harmony of colors that would make us feel some emotions, like those special notes in some songs that touch our souls, to abstract photos where we find ourselves staring and wondering about the respective works. My overall portfolio can be regarded as a fine art photography portfolio. My photos are different as they are in sync with my emotions, as I’m always adding my “touch” to them through editing, and this goes hand in hand with what I’m feeling at the moment. Sometimes unconsciously.
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